Dementia Essentials - NSW

Dementia Essentials is the new Unit of Competency CHCAGE005 Provide support to people living with dementia, which sits within the Certificate III Individualised Support/Ageing and Certificate IV Aged Care.

Alzheimer's Australia NSW has expanded the Dementia Essentials course to genuinely focus on true person-centred practice when supporting a person living with dementia.  We are able to offer this education FREE to organisations and individuals working in the Health, Community Care and Aged Care sectors throughout NSW who provide support to people living with dementia.

All our educators are vocational education and training (VET) qualified with extensive industry experience in the health, residential aged care and community care sectors.  Our team is fully committed to supporting participants reach competency, maximising the transfer of knowledge to practice.

Our delivery options are:

  • In a venue within the community for individual professionals within the community, or
  • “In-house” within a residential aged care facility for their staff. For delivery within a facility we would require a specific training room to accommodate approximately 15-22 participants.

For bookings please email

Dementia Essentials – CHCAGE005 Provide support to people living with dementia

The Dementia Essentials training program comprises of 6 modules delivered over 3 days.

The modules are as follows:

Module 1 – The nature of dementia

                  Changed Behaviour

Module 2 – The impact of dementia

                  Elder abuse and restraint

Module 3 – The environment of care

                  Person centred care

Module 4 – Communication

Module 5 – Purposeful and meaningful engagement

Module 6 – Application to care practice

As Dementia Essentials is an accredited course, participants are required to attend all 3 days and complete assessment work to reach competency. Assessment comprises an “open book” in-class written assessment followed by a workplace supervisor observation checklist. The observation checklist provides evidence towards the participant demonstrating their learning in their practice, supporting  2 people living with dementia. Workplace observation sign off will be the responsibility of the participant’s supervisor.

Participants who complete the course and reach competency will receive a certified Statement of Attainment.

To see the community workshops please click on our page under NSW Education Dementia Training.