Masterclass 2017

Dr Power is a respected international educator on transformational models of aged care, particularly for those with changing cognitive abilities, with extensive experience in changing dementia practice. He has written several books on this including Dementia beyond drugs and more recently Dementia beyond disease. 

In this masterclass, Dr Power will begin by describing the limitations of a narrow biomedical view of dementia. He will explain how a shift to an ‘experiential’ model can provide new insights and pathways for optimal care and support. Dr Power will introduce a framework for viewing wellbeing and show how it creates a proactive, strengths-based approach that reaches beyond our usual care practices. Dr Power will show how these various components of wellbeing can be operationalised in daily care--within the usual time, staffing, and regulatory constraints--and describe the transformational processes that can enable us to shift operations, in order to think and act differently.

Dr Power will also show how the wellbeing framework provides a radically different and highly successful approach to understanding distress and creating sustainable outcomes for the person, without the use of potentially harmful medications.

The session will be highly interactive, there will be many stories, practical examples, and opportunities for discussion and questions.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to hear Dr Al Power’s insights on becoming a dementia care provider of choice for consumers.

To register, call 02 88754640 or email