Education and Consulting

Alzheimer’s Australia is a leading dementia learning service in Australia.

Our highly skilled team has extensive experience in a wide range of areas, facilitating learning experiences which touch, move and inspire participants to transform their practice.

Informed by current research and contemporary practice, our comprehensive suite of education form part of an integrated learning pathway incorporating both accredited and non-accredited courses as well as online.

Our approach builds highly skilled dementia practitioners across a broad range of professions. We also facilitate organisational transformations through our consultancy work with providers. This work can help to achieve better outcomes for consumers and promote a positive work culture that can reduce staff turnover.

We provide tailored education for care partners and families that supports adjusting to changes and promotes meaningful engagement and confidence.

Our work with community groups and organisations seeks to create an inclusive community where there is no longer a stigma associated with living with dementia.

We invite you to come and experience all that we have to offer to help transform your organisation, practice, relationship, community and the lives of those living with dementia.

Dementia Training Australia

The Commonwealth funded Dementia Training Program will be delivered by the Dementia Training Australia (DTA) consortium, of which Alzheimer’s Australia is pleased to be a partner. The consortium enables a truly national approach to dementia training with members based in WA, Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania and NSW, able to provide training services utilising the nationwide network of Alzheimer’s Australia. As part of this program Alzheimer’s Australia will be delivering a nationally available vocational training program ‘Dementia Essentials’. For more information on this course please visit:

For more information on Dementia Training Australia please visit:

Dementia Training Australia


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